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Where We Are Going

The work continues at the Traditional Medicinals Foundation

When Traditional Medicinals was founded in 1974 the goal was to revive herbalism and reinvent the business of medicine in North America. By responsibly sourcing, developing, and marketing our specialized herbal tea formulas, we worked to serve a higher purpose: to promote herbal education and advocate for supply chain-driven equity and social business ethics.

After years of traveling to remote herb sourcing communities and witnessing first-hand the economic and social inequities, Nioma and Drake Sadler knew more needed to be done.

In 2008 we formed the Traditional Medicinals Foundation to focus on social initiatives in these communities. We have spent the last 13 years dedicated to working with these communities, addressing fundamental issues of food and water security, healthcare, education, women’s empowerment, and advocating for a social business model where community-led development, equitable trade, and compassionate capitalism benefit every stakeholder.

Traditional Medicinals continues the important work of creating social equity within the business of plant medicine. Together with our supply and nonprofit partners we provide resources for herb farmers and collectors that ensure meaningful and lasting change in their communities.

The Traditional Medicinals Foundation has expanded its work to include programs in North America, creating strong nonprofit partnerships and volunteer opportunities for Traditional Medicinals employees.

We encourage you to continue to follow the journey of our work in herb sourcing communities and with local nonprofit partners at


Nioma and Drake Sadler